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MacDrive Pro


MacDrive Pro solves the problem of communication between Windows OS and Mac Drives, linking both of these entities to transfers data. Before the introduction of this amazing invention, it was a big problem to connect these two popular but totally different working systems. Their mechanisms totally differ with each other that are why it was not so easy to communicate for both of them. Let’s take a single example to understand, like files execution process is entirely different in both OS. One file which is executable in Mac OS cannot execute on Windows OS and vice versa. MacDrive is available in trail version for testing purpose only but you can register to get full features by purchasing in a suitable price. Once you have installed it into your PC but you don’t want to use it without uninstalling. You should go to control menus to disable it temporary afterwards you can enable it whenever you want.

How MacDrive Pro Works?

Normally it is impossible to retrieve any type of data located of Mac disks if you are working on Windows OS. But with the help of MacDrive it is easily retrievable or even you can burn your data on these disks within short time duration. After installation this application, it appears as a separate explorer from where the access to the content saved on Mac Disks becomes possible. Now we can edit, remove or add data to and from the Disks. This is not a single side transformation only but it happens from both sides of PC and Mac Disks. The interface of this program is very simple and professionally designed so it has become so easy to use, for every new task a new tab will be opened so you can do work on each task separately without any hesitation.

Instructions to Install:

  1. Extract the zip folder
  2. Run the setup which is already activated
  3. Installation process may take 1 to 2 minutes
  4. Finish it when completed

MacDrive Pro

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