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IObit Smart Defrag Pro


IObit Smart Defrag Pro puts all saved data of hard disk into a proper sequence, so in this way a lot of extra space is created to store other data. In other words it is also called as defragmentation in which data layers of a hard drive are compressed to improve the storage capability of the device. It will make clearly understandable with the help of a simple and explanatory example that is given onward. When data is saved in a hard drive it occupies some specific location or addresses in the registers of storage. Few items of that data are deleted later creating a space between the data layers. Due to deleting or storing data again and again in hard drives leaves data pieces called fragments and spaces between them. A large amount of storing volume is wasted in this way because those spaces are not used in any way. To eliminate this lose of resources we need some utility software which can removes all spaces along with the data fragments to set a sequence of data so the capacity of storage drives is improved.

Major Features of IObit Smart Defrag Pro:

As we know windows operating systems have their own defragmentation facility but it does not work out significantly as a professional needs. So we have to avail the services of Smart Defrag which has advanced features included in to give amazing results. Files located on system drives can be traced very quickly when the drives passed through defragmentation because it becomes easy to get their virtual addresses when they are saved. IObit Smart Defrag Pro offers auto mode in which it starts defragmentation automatically when PC is not in use, so it completes tasks within parts and does not take so much time.

What is New in Latest Version?

  • Multi processing enables quick and reliable defragmentation
  • New techniques are used which are most relative to this job
  • Huge drives can be defrag into multiple time durations
  • We can set schedule to start process when system is available free
  • Any new update will be installed automatically
  • Available in almost all popular languages used world wide

IObit Smart Defrag Pro

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