Hotspot Shield 5.4.12 Crack Full Version

Short Description:

Hotspot Shield 5.4.12 Crack Full Version keeps us secure while using insecure internet connections. Other major use is proxy tunnel to unblock banned sites. You can hide your identity by changing your IP address with some fake IP. This is the way how this proxy tool saves us from tracing by any unknown snooper. Usually these methods are applied to avoid hacking so no one can trace your real IP to hack it.

Hotspot Shield Crack

Hotspot Shield 5.4.12 Crack Full Version Overview

When you download Hotspot Shield in your system and connect through it, depending on location it allocated a fake IP protocol. Through that protocol you are connected to the internet worldwide and your real IP is now shown to anyone. In many countries some specific sites are banned due to any typical reason behind it. Those typical reasons may include extreme ideological difference or may be anyone else. So you want to stream that site or access the content available on those sites. Hotspot Shield 5.4.12 Full Version helps you to unblock those sites within living that country. Because it virtually changes the location of your system to pretend somewhere else where that site is not banned at all. So you can access and enjoy the content of that site easily accessing through this tool.

Hotspot Shield Full Version

How to install Hotspot Shield:

  • Download Hotspot Shield full version from the link behind
  • Extract it through any unzip tool like winrar
  • Run the setup file located inside that folder
  • Installation will be started and finish within a minute

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