DAEMON Tools Lite 10.5 Crack Full Download

DAEMON Tools Lite:

DAEMON Tools Lite 10.5 Crack helps us when we need extra drives, more than the available general drives of our primary hard disk. Why we need it? It depends upon situation, may be for just creating new category of data or to hide it later privately.

DAEMON Tools Lite 10.4 Crack Full Download

DAEMON Tools Lite 10.5 Crack Full Overview:

DAEMON Tools Lite is bundle of small but powerful tools which can create virtual drives taking some part of our primary storage. All the files and folders available in those virtual drives can be burned in CD/ DVD or we can make ISO image for whole data. This application can work in background silently without making any interception in main window. Maximum four drives can be created and memory allocated to them depends upon the remaining space in your physical disks. Advanced features are included in recently which are very impressive.

DAEMON Tools Lite 10.4 Crack Full Download

Features of DAEMON Tools Lite:

Because of this great utility a major portion of our storage devices is saved to utilize for any other useful purpose. Previously that part was wasted by occupying the useless image files created temporarily. So we are glad to have this amazing bundle of tools which helps to solve the problem of memory management. Let me inform you before that some image files are not supported by this software, especially created by PowerISO and few others. Once a number of recommended drives created, afterwards you can adjust them by easily management menu and settings.

Change Log of Latest Version:

  • Some new icons and menu items are added
  • Previous errors are removed permanently
  • Performance is made more efficient
  • Up to 4 drives can be created and adjusted later
  • Mount and demount of ISO images is easily possible
  • Virtual drive‚Äôs Burning facility is also available
  • Some new formats are also supported now
  • Text file Manual is provided for user guideline

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