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Avast Antivirus Pro Company offers different types of security packages, one of them is freeware and others are paid like their professional version. If you are thinking that freeware may not be much secure as compared to paid one, then you are totally wrong. Freeware is enough for a home usage at minor level like student or small networks operating within an office area. You can attach your other portable devices like Smart Phones and tablets, to control them remotely sitting anywhere. When installation is completed it asks to reboot your system to apply security settings in whole system. At the very first boot after installation this antivirus starts scanning system to check if it has already infected files or not. It is not necessary to scan at that moment you can skip the scanning process by pushing “Enter” button from keyboard. Except English there are also few other languages supported by this security software. Choice of language is generally asked during installation process, any way you can change it afterwards.

Major Features of Avast Antivirus Pro:

Any doubtful file or access which may harm our system will be caught by sharp tools of this security software. Avast Antivirus takes quick decisions about such files that they have to keep or remove it as per violating the essential rules defined to keep system safe. Almost all required features are added in this latest version these are enough to make sure a strong protection against any type of internal or external viral attack. Two main points making more and more strong security are given below.

  • VPN: Keeping protected online data transitions, Avast uses their own virtual private networks which are not shared with anyone else.
  • Sandbox: Run infected or suspected files in a separate and secure environment so the system will be affected in case of any unusual activity.

If you are running Avast Antivirus basic or free edition and you want to upgrade their professional version you can go to setting of application and then click on registration tab. There will be two options to upgrade antivirus, you can chose any one which is easy for you.

Avast Antivirus Pro

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