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Advanced Uninstaller PRO removes all sticky files which are not deleted normally, this tool force them to be out of the system permanently. The question is here why we need this tool as additional removing software when we have already add/remove option in our windows control panel? Let me clear your confusion about this question. Suppose you are trying to delete a program from your PC which denied proceeding towards deletion. What will you do now? Here another scenario when we delete any application from our computer some temporary or supportive files remained still on our hard drive, consuming the storage that is clearly wastage of resources. So we need a powerful tool working as alternative of windows add/remove function. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is best for this purpose because it remains nothing behind cleaning the entire program files forcefully. One thing more, I forgot to share, this useful tool can repair all broken or damaged programs to run them smoothly.

How Advanced Uninstaller PRO Works?

When we install Advanced Uninstaller into Laptops or Desktops it does not replaces the windows own add/remove option. But we can set it as default option for next time, it works separate appeared icon on home screen. Open it and enter program name search bar, it will show a list of programs related to that search query, and then you can select one by one to remove them forever. Other option is for repairing to diagnose or reinstall the application, not working fine or if they need to be updated.

Instructions to Install:

  1. Unzip the downloaded folder and install trial
  2. Multiple files will be there in folder including an EXE setup
  3. No need to install again if trail version is already installed
  4. Just run the setup that is pre activated
  5. It will replace the already installed version
  6. Enjoy it and share with your friends

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